Life Coaching

​Heidi’s philosophy of Level Up Coaching is all about elevating your game, that thing you are called to do, to the next level. In the world of gaming, they talk about Leveling Up; achieving a new, higher standard in a particular area. To achieve a new level, you need to master the skills and tasks where you are and set your sights on the next level. Heidi’s powerful, intentional questions will help you clarify and articulate the vision of what you are trying to achieve. Together you will explore action steps to live into your vision. She will help you explore potential obstacles and challenges and craft specific plans to overcome them.

Level Up Your Lifestyle

Address the mindset of living your best life. Heidi will help you evaluate the options, plans, and tools you have chosen to achieve your goals. Together you will address the mindset issues that arise. Heidi will help you stay focused through the challenges and obstacles that can derail your progress. Areas include:

    • Fitness, Nutrition
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management/ Life Balance
    • Transitions
    • Spirituality

Level Up Your Ministry

Heidi’s years of experience in and around professional ministry work allow her to craft the questions that will guide you as discern new programs and approaches to your ministry. She understands the specific issues faced by lay, rostered, and ordained ministry professionals.

    • Program Development
    • Time Management/ Life Balance
    • Leadership Development

Level Up Your Team

With specialized training in the areas of Team Coaching and Strategic Planning, Heidi will help you build a strong team focusing on individual strengths and bringing the team into alignment around a shared vision.

    • Strengths/Gifts assessments
    • Strategic Planning
    • Leadership Development
    • Conflict Management
    • Systems Development

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